What is importance of nature in human life?

Answer(১):- Nature is a neutral creation.Without nature we can't live one moment.Nature is a part and parcel of our Life.We should take care of our nature and use in the right way then we can found good from nature.

Answer(২):- Nature is a very important thing in our life.we can not live a single moment without nature.Nature gives us the strenth to go ahead in our life.
So nature is a major part of human life

Answer(৩):- Everything humans needed to survive, and thrive, was provided by the nature. without Nature we could not live, it is our life. Nature is happiness.

Answer(৪):- nature is the most important for human life. nature gives positive emotion and it releases us from our intense stressful daily life.It is a perfect place to experience, personal growth and meditation. Nature helps to recharge our body and Raoul.

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