What can we do for each other as human beings?

Answer(১):- We Can Do Many Things if We Can.Everything is Possible If Human Beings Do For an other Human Beings!At First We Need Always Good Thinks on Our Mind To Help & Respect other human Beings.So,We Can Be a Good Person To our own Mind.For Example>>If we see any Famished man who not eat foods and also in a pain So We Need To Help Him/Her.We Give him/Her Money to help.And The Most thing is Love Human Beings. Don't Care about what is he/she.(Love,Respect & Help Can Change Human beings Life.)

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Answer(২):- 1. Advice for good job 2.Helping critical moment. 3. Helping realization own's job.4. Educate to do moral learner

Answer(৩):- as a human being, we should respect each othere and also should help each other.

Answer(৪):- We Should all consider each other as human beings, and we should respect each other.

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