Important five advantages and disadvantages of western culture

Answer(১):- Five advantage
1 production of good's for people survival
2 knowing peoples role
3 Less destructive
4 Harmony among the people
5 knowing about different language, food's etc.
Five disadvantage
1 it is vulnerable type of economy
2 capability to change
3 lower standard of wealth
4 Human harmful
5 Destroy of self culture

Answer(২):- Advantages:1. Western culture is modern upto date and fashionable. 2.It is based on scientific . Disadvantages: 1. Western culture is full of over smart. 2. Western culture has a few number of family restrictions and moral values. 3.Western culture is mainly watch violence, fighting, boxing and blue flims.

Answer(৩):- Advantage
1 increasing knowledge
2 knowing about history
3 knowing foreign literature
4 knowing foreign lifestyle
5 knowing foreign environment
1 distroying own culture
2 distroying young generation
3 unwilling to follow sub-continental culture
4 following foreign lifestyle
5 following foreign literature

Answer(৪):- Advantages:1.Introduction to new cultural values
2.Knowing new lifestyles
3.Getting closer to new languages
4.Learning clothings
5.Knowing shipping and marketing
Disadvantages:1.Giving up own cultural identity
2.Showing antipathy for own cultural values
3.Forgetting of own accents
4.Becoming used to western lifestyles
5.Becoming less in the exercise of own tradition and customs

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