What are the advantages and disadvantages of city life?

Answer(১):- In city life we can avail many opportunities like better education, better health support, better transportation etc. On the other hand, in city life we are to face problems like trafic jam, dense population, lack of playground etc.

Answer(২):- The advantage and disadvantage of city life are below :
Advantage :
There are many advantage has a city life . We can find all of thing easily what are very important for us .
Disadvantage :
We know that , city life has many kinds of advantage . But It has a large number of problem/disadvantage . First number of problem is Traffic jam .We will face to face Traffic jam everyday ..

Answer(৩):- Education,jobs,better living,medical treatment are advantage. Air pollution,traffic jam high living cost are diadvantages

Answer(৪):- All prodact get city life. but big population problam.

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