Best 10 career field of the world

Answer(১):- 1.Medical field 2.Technology sector 3.Financial sector 4.Education arena 5.Technical jobs 6.Business service jobs 7.Sales jobs 8.Consulting jobs 9.Engineering jobs 10.Middle management jobs

Answer(২):- 1.information technology
5.medicine farm
6.Engineering farm
7.medical service
9.technical job
10.sales job

Answer(৩):- 1)Garments
3)Information technology
5)Stock Market
6)Digital Marketing

Answer(৪):- 1. Job in United Nations
2. Job in Nasa
3. Job in Famous University
4. Job in Multinational company
5. Job in Online sector
6. Job in Banking sector
7. Job in Ecommerce business
8. Job in Air force
9. Job in Teaching
10. Job in Medical sector

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