Rongtoli Terms & Privacy

Last date of editing, 23 July, 2016

By registering on, you are agreed that, you can understand all condition.

All condition are reserved by and can change any time without any permission.

These conditions are applied before next declaration.

Buyer policy:

Membership: To buy from you need not any registration.

Order policy: you can order in on mobile number easily. think registration process for order is disturbing for customer. So we keep only process of mobile phone.

Product delivery: after order any product will confirm this order from buyer. Then buyers will delivery this product through courier service to your given address. It may remain 4 days to reach product to you. This time may less or more than 4 days as distance.

Payment: you can pay product price after getting on hand. plays cash on delivery system for customer. Buyer will receive payment from courier.

Product change: has an excellent product change service. After getting your product you can back this product within 24 hours. You should confirm it through e mail or mobile number. You will get 100% cash back if the product remaining intact. Product will back to the seller. So has no responsibility of this.

Seller policy:

Membership: you must be registered for free in to sale your product. After registration you will get a shop for display your products. In the time of registration you should have give some personal information. will protect your all information. We do not sell your information anywhere. You can register here without doubt.

Product display: after registration you can display your product on for free. Product will need approval from After approval your product will displayed on home page of All products will display in homepage randomly. You can display unlimited product for free in your shop. You can edit your product that has been published or pending. You can edit all the information of your product before approval. You can only edit the quantity and availability of this product. You should give (sold out) option if your product has been finished. This product will display on earn by answer page. Your product will shared on facebook by the earner for more response from customer. From homepage we will divert customer to your shop that make your product more responsive and increase sell.

Order receives: all the order will displayed in your account. So always check your order box of your account. will alert about your product order.

Product delivery: you should delivery this product by courier that support cash on delivery. Because is supports only cash on delivery. After completing delivery you should click confirm delivery button from your account. You will bear the transportation fee.

Payment receives: you will receive your payment after delivery. Because is supported only cash on delivery system. You should collect your payment from courier office. is not responsible for any kinds of payment system.

Product return and price back: You must be back cash to the buyer if he wants. It is the privacy of If buyer wants to return product he will bear the transportation fee.

Sale commission: you will pay a minimum commission to after selling your products. Commission rate is given below:

(Retail sales commission)
  • Electronics products=5%
  • Men products=7%
  • Women products=8%
  • Baby products=4%
  • Food & beverage=2%
  • Agro products=3%
  • (Wholesale sales commission)
  • Electronics products=3%
  • Men products=4%
  • Women products=5%
  • Baby products=2.5%
  • Food & beverage=1.5%
  • Agro products=2%
  • Advertiser policy:

    Ads type: displays two types of advertisement. One is fixed price and another is CPM. Advertiser can choose any ads type. We count impression and click in CPM.

    Ads place: have only 50X50 square banner that displayed on top right of home and details page.

    Ads value:

    In fixed price 50X50 square banner on top right of home & details page =$1500(per month) =$15000(per year) In CPM method 50X50 square banner on top right of home and details page = ($1.20 per 1000 impression and $0.10 per click)

    Ads payment: Advertiser should pay ads fee advance. We receive payment by bkash or bank account. Advertiser must contact with for advertise.

    Contact for ads:

    Privacy policy:

  • You should give some personal information for registration (E-mail, Name, phone, mailing address etc.)
  • Your personal information will be protected. We do not supply your information without any kinds of legal purpose.
  • Prohibited conducts: You are agreed that you can not do these works given below.

  • Use any kinds of automatic software(robot, spider, third party software)
  • Use any advertisement of third party.
  • Collect information of other user from
  • Use more than one account.
  • Do any kinds of immoral comment
  • Content: You are agreed that you can not do these works given below.

  • Post any personal and contact information.
  • Post any wrong information.
  • Post any virus or advertisement link.
  • You can edit and review your product details before approved by the admin. If you do any prohibited conduct your account might be block or cancel.