Favorite ten uses of internet and computer

Answer(১):- Favorite 10 uses of computer andnd internet:

1. Computer and internet are using for communication among people whatever the distance it is.
2. Computer and internet are being used for transaction and records. For example-bank.
3. Students always use their laptop and internet connection for their study.
4. By using Computer and Internet, people can watch video to get entertainment.
5. People use Computer and Internet to get information.
6. In computer with Internet connection, children can play game and can pass enjoyable moment.
7. By using computer and internet, we easily can run our Business.
8. Computer and internet can be used for text writing, graphic design, Web design and so on.
9. By using computer and internet, people can get involve with online earning.
10. Computer and Internet can be used as a great part of marketing and advertising.

Beside above all of these, there are so many uses of computer and internet.

Answer(২):- 1.Communicating.
2.Social media.
5.E Reading.
6.internet Banking.
7.E Commerce.
8. Web publishing.
9. Freelancing.
10. Online media.

Answer(৩):- use of computer

4.chatting and social media education business
Medical field like management system
8.patient information
9.diagnosis purpose
10.working from home

use of Internet

3.Education transaction
5.Real time updates
6.leisure booking
8.job search

Answer(৪):- 1.Checking email
3.Search for Relevant Information
4.Book Tickets
5.Shop Online
6.Make friends
8.E Banking
9.Data sharing
10.Online Freelancer

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